IronWorker External

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An easy-to-use async task processing queue / worker service that scales to handle whatever workloads you send it.

Features and Benefits

Runs Your Code

Just upload your tasks and run them in IronWorker. Works with Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, .NET, Node, Go and more. Runs binary executables and even lets you remotely build your workers.

Highly Scalable

Run many tasks at once – tens, hundreds, thousands. No need to stand up servers or manage queues. Scales to handle whatever workload you send it.

Easy to Use

Upload workers and run them seamlessly in the cloud. Get running in minutes and add instant scheduling and background / scale-out processing.

Reliable and Secure

Uses SSL connections and runs each task in a Linux-protected LXC sandbox. Uses OAuth to provide simplicity, flexibility, scalability, and security.

Workload Visibility

Check the status of tasks and view logs. Even connect your tasks to real-time logging services. View graphs of task usage, get alerts and notifications, and stay on top of queued, running, and completed tasks.

Schedule Jobs to Run Later

Schedule jobs to run in the future using flexible scheduling options. Run once, a set number of times, on a recurring schedule, and many options in between.

Reduces App Complexity

Eliminates having to set up and manage your worker infrastructure. Gain flexibility and scale while giving your developers greater ability to write code, upload tasks, and run tasks asynchronously and at scale.


Easy replacement for Celery, Resque, Delayed Job, and other worker systems. Switch from self-managed to a scalable service with no setup / no maintenance.

To use this add-on:

You will need to visit the vendors website at and sign up for their service.

You can also visit the documentation link below to view the specifics of how their service integrates with OpenShift Online.