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Manage and monitor web app performance from the end user experience, through servers, and down to the line of code.

Features and Benefits

See directly into your live application

New Relic is the only dashboard you need to keep an eye on application health and availability. Real user experiences, server utilization, code-level diagnostics, and more. Complete visibility anytime you want it.

Real-Time Performance Analytics with New Relic

See exactly what real end users are seeing

Get real-time browser performance data directly from real end users. All of them! See exactly what real users’ experiences are by monitoring transactions, JavaScript rendering speed and network latency all from their perspective. Now with browser transaction tracing of individual slow end-user transactions.

Real User Monitoring with New Relic

See your servers from the app perspective

With Server Monitoring you can see critical web server resource data in the context of real-time application performance, whether your apps are deployed in the cloud or in your data center. You get summary system metrics for CPU, memory, network activity, and processes. Server Monitoring is easy-to-use, with almost no setup required, and provides integrated graphics and dashboards.

Server Monitoring with New Relic

View detailed performance analytics for your database

Whether you’re using a relational SQL database, the latest NoSQL solution, or both, data stores can be the solution to and the cause of many app performance problems. New Relic provides detailed performance analytics, like slowest database transactions down to the code level and usage and performance trends over time, for your database, SQL and NoSQL alike.

SQL/NoSQL Performance with New Relic

Zero in on problems fast, no matter where they occur

Why did that page take so long? See a full stack trace of the entire response. Get detailed timelines of individual requests and perform SQL queries within specific transactions. Web transaction tracing is the fastest way to spot application bottlenecks no matter where they occur.

Web Transaction Tracing with New Relic

Be the first to know about issues or unusual behavior

Set thresholds on critical metrics and get email alerts when you need them. Plus, New Relic has a sophisticated baselining technology built in, which detects and notifies you of app behavior that deviates sharply from the norm.

Proactive Notifications with New Relic

View code deployment alongside app performance data

This is perfect for Agile teams. See your code deployments drawn right along with your app performance data. You’ll spot a bad version immediately, before users are affected. Then, track how your app behaves over time with deployment history. See which deployments affected response time, throughput, CPU, memory and more.

Deployment History with New Relic

Get immediate alerts when apps go down, even for a minute

Availability monitoring, uptime monitoring, SLA monitoring... no matter what you call it, we’ve got it. The availability monitoring feature pings your application every 30 seconds and alerts you when your site is unavailable for a specified time. You get live 24x7 monitoring and can customize downtime thresholds. So now if your app goes down, even just for a minute, you’ll be able to see that downtime event right alongside your app performance data.

Availability Monitoring with New Relic

Quickly map app architecture

How many clients and services is your app connected to? What’s the impact of each on web app performance? Don’t waste any more time trying to inventory all your app’s connections. With our App Map, you can easily display a topology system view that shows your app's connected systems and services. Connections needing attention are easy isolated allowing you to rapidly determine where to take action. We even present your end user data on the same page!

App Map with New Relic

Predict the performance of your app as it scales

Knowing how your application scales now will allow you to predict performance as your application and audience grow. How are your resources utilized at various levels of load? How does your app handle spikes in demand?

Scalability Analysis with New Relic

Timing issues, locks and more

Find and fix Java issues with deep, real-time visibility into individual threads. With production profiling you can identify performance bottlenecks like timing issues and thread locks at the code level, uncover flaws in the application stack, reduce CPU utilization, and improve transaction response time.

Java Profiling with New Relic

To use this add-on:

You will need to visit the vendors website at and sign up for their service.

You can also visit the documentation link below to view the specifics of how their service integrates with OpenShift Online.