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Powered by Elasticsearch. Flexible and powerful, open source, distributed, real-time search & analytics engine for the cloud.

Features and Benefits

No Software, No Servers

Searchly is a cloud based search service. You do not need to install any software and manage any servers.

Powered by Elasticsearch

Flexible and powerful, open source, distributed, real-time search & analytics engine for the cloud. We are official partner of Elasticsearch.


Just start with tens and go up to millions with a few clicks.

Seamless Integration

Elasticsearch Rest JSON API can be used with many languages and frameworks to have advanced features like faceting, geo-location and advanced queries.

Full Text Search

Powerful full text search capabilities.

Full text search with Searchly

Autocomplete and Suggestions

Improve your users’ search experience with ‘autocomplete’ and ‘suggestions’ (Did you mean?).

Facets & Geo Search

Wide range of facets supported like terms, histograms, ranges, statistics, geo distance and more. Find distances, filter ranges and even calculate intersections with geo shapes.

Saved Searches

Percolator offers built in saved search functionality. Reverse the operation, save queries and query the documents.


Built-in analysers for more than 20 languages. Create your language specific search with stemming.


Easily find similar documents with "more like this" feature.

Search Analytics

Our built-in search analytics helps you to understand your customer needs, improve your content and search performance.

Search analytics with Searchly

Get Reports With Information
  • Popular queries
  • Popular queries over time
  • Missing queries
  • Missing queries over time
  • Search query volume over time
Export As PDF
  • You can export analytics information report as PDF file.

Hosted Kibana

Kibana popular Elasticsearch dashboard is available with no setup.

Hosted Kibana with Searchly

To use this add-on:

You will need to visit the vendors website at and sign up for their service.

You can also visit the documentation link below to view the specifics of how their service integrates with OpenShift Online.