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Cloud-based email infrastructure providing reliable delivery, scalability and real-time analytics along with flexible API's.

Features and Benefits


On average, 22% of legitimate emails never reach the inbox. This means lower customer satisfaction, lost customers, and less revenue. SendGrid offers the industry’s most advanced deliverability tools and expertise to make sure your email gets delivered.

Easy Integration

Flexible Web and SMTP APIs, plus a simple SMTP Relay set-up, allow you to decide which integration method is right for your environment.

Powerful APIs

SendGrid’s APIs allow you to customize, measure and automate your email program. Manage real-time notifications and stats with our Event webhook and customize incoming email with our Parse webhook.

Highly Scalable

Whether you’re sending 100 emails a day or millions of emails a month, SendGrid scales to provide you with the right solution. Our cloud-based infrastructure delivers billions of email messages every month, more than any other cloud-based email deliverability provider.

Marketing Email

Send marketing communications using customizable email templates. The Marketing Email App offers a simple way to maintain mailing lists, perform A/B testing, schedule email campaigns, and track campaign performance. Available to Heroku customers with Starter, Plus and Premier plans.

Real-time Analytics

Gain powerful insight into the performance of your email program by tracking requests, deliveries, bounces, spam reports, clicks, opens, and more in real-time. With the metrics you get with your account, you can make better decisions to improve your email program.

Sender Reputation

Good sender scores are a critical component to ensuring deliverability. SendGrid puts the power of sender reputation management in your hands with access to dedicated IPs and IP whitelabeling, both available with Silver or higher plans.

Premier Support

Acquire a dedicated technical account manager and receive ISP and blacklist management from our team of email experts. A Premier account offers proactive deliverability and reputation monitoring, live customer support from the industry’s top support team, and 24x7 critical incident response.

To use this add-on:

You will need to visit the vendors website at and sign up for their service.

You can also visit the documentation link below to view the specifics of how their service integrates with OpenShift Online.