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6fusion provides tools and technologies to help application developers and infrastructure operators improve their economic decision making by providing access to detailed capacity, consumption, and cost information about their applications and infrastructures. Leveraging the utility consumption data provided by 6fusion, organizations can improve efficiency, create transparency, and optimize infrastructure procurement.

Features and Benefits

Utility Analytics

The 6fusion meter integrates with OpenShift to "Utility Enable" your environment. With the Meter installed, the 6fusion platform will discover your hosts and capacity, and all your containers, services, and applications in near real time. This enables a deep view into resource consumption - from the infrastructure layer up through your containers to the project level. With this data you can gain deep understanding of what resources are used over time, and how those resources add up and drive the cost of operations. With these utility analytics, users can understand how their apps run, how they can be optimized, and how costs can be managed and optimized going forward.

Apples-to-Apples Comparisons

6fusion's patented Workload Allocation Cube (kWAC) technology is designed to be a vendor, technology, and platform agnostic standardized unit of consumption measurement. By leveraging such a universal standard, your data inherently becomes comparable across platforms and technologies enabling you to conduct "what-if" analysis on configuration changes, execution venues, and cost optimization. By leveraging that data across the community, the kWAC enables benchmarking, and other industry comparables making buyers and developers more effective.

Application Optimization Enablement

Optimization is all about data. The 6fusion Meter provides a continuous, near real time view into application resource consumption. With this unique view into your historical consumption on an app by app, and container by container basis, you can instantly understand the impact of changes. Increases in consumption from demand, impacts of optimizations to code, results of execution venue changes. In this new utility enabled world, application developers, infrastructure managers, and line of business owners have new tools to drive, quantify, and communicate the impacts of optimization.

Improved Procurement Processes

Move "I Think" to "I Know". By normalizing consumption, and $/kWAC consumed across various execution venues, application developers and infrastructure managers can make more informed decisions about which platforms to use for various applications. Leveraging historical consumption, growth trends, and normalized industry pricing, organizations can make more informed decisions, make more informed plans, and most importantly, measure their actual vs the plan, enabling more time sensitive adjustments and improvements.

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