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Aqua Security enables enterprises to secure their virtual container environments from development to production, accelerating container adoption and bridging the gap between DevOps and IT security. The world's largest organizations trust Aqua to secure their container deployments, to facilitate regulatory compliance, and improve operational efficiency.

Features and Benefits

Manage Risk in Your Container Development Pipeline

Aqua integrates with your CI/CD tools and container image registries to continuously ensure that your developers do not introduce vulnerabilities, bad configurations, and secrets into container images, and prevents unauthorized images from running in your OpenShift environment.

Protect OpenShift Container Workloads Against Attacks

Aqua automatically learns container behavior and ensures that containers only do what they are supposed to do in the application context. It alerts on and enforces role-based user access, usage of host resources, and network nano-segmentation, and provides defenses against container-specific attack vectors.

Achieve Visibility and Compliance for OpenShift Containerized Applications

Aqua monitors container activity in real-time, providing full visibility and audit trail for containers deployed in your OpenShift environment, logging events such access attempts, network access, running executables, privilege escalations and more.

Centrally and Securely Manage Container Secrets

Aqua enables you to inject secrets, such as passwords, keys and tokens, into containers that need them in runtime. It integrates with your central enterprise secrets repository, and makes it easy to manage, rotate, and revoke secrets in containers, across orchestrators, running only in memory with no storage on disk.

Aqua’s Container Security Platform secures containers from development to production. It enforces vulnerability policy in container images during development, and determines which images are allowed to run. In runtime, Aqua applies dynamic, machine-learned profiles to each container that whitelist good behavior and alert on or block anomalous activity. In blocking mode, Aqua only blocks specific activities (file access, network access, privilege escalations, user access, executables, etc.) while allowing the container to continue to run. The solution also provides container-level secrets management, and container-level nano-segmentation of networking, both inside the host and between hosts.
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