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OctoPerf is a Saas load testing tool we provide an intuitive interface on top of JMeter, automates test launch and reporting. We also have on premise agents based on docker. This makes testing applications inside openshift environments very easy.

Features and Benefits


Easily Design, Monitor, Execute and Analyze performance tests through your Web Browser. No programming required. A beautiful and intuitive interface makes your load tester work easier thanks to a drag and drop system. Save about 50 to 70% of your time using OctoPerf instead of JMeter for the Thread Groups creation (aka Virtual Users).


Monitoring the infrastructure while running a load test provides invaluable information about what’s happening on server side. No hidden fees. We charge for load testing, not for your infrastructure monitoring. Installation and configuration of our on-premise agent is done in a few minutes thanks to Docker.


Choose to test from the Cloud or from an On-Premise machine. You can even mix both trough what we call a “hybrid” test. Deal with the variety of origins and network conditions your application is facing in production. OctoPerf can be integrated with Jenkins, the most popular Continuous Integration server.


OctoPerf measures a panel of metrics for every single request being sent, in every location. Make them easy to read and share them. Present a clear, constructive and professional test report to decision makers directly in OctoPerf. No need for external tools or to export data.

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OpenShift Container Platform 3.3
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