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Turbonomic's patented Autonomic Platform continuously analyzes application demand and automatically allocates shared resources in real-time. Enabling you to deliver the performance your business and customers expect. For OpenShift, we have built Kubeturbo (https://github.com/turbonomic/kubeturbo) to leverage Turbonomic control platform, in order to assure the performance of micro-services running in OpenShift, as well as the efficiency of underlying infrastructure.

Features and Benefits

Full-Stack Visibility and Real-time monitoring

Full-Stack Visibility for both on/off prem OpenShift installation. Real time performance monitoring from services and pods running in OpenShift, all the way down to physical hardware resource utilization. For public cloud deployment, providing real dollar cost for cloud instances, broken down by cloud services.

Continuous placement for pods running on OpenShift

Using Turbonomic control platform to continuously match the available infrastructure resource to application demands, and MOVE pods proactively to address use cases like: 1) Underlying infrastructure congestion causing CPU starvation for pods 2) Noisy neighbor. (Reschedule pod to a different node if the pod will peak together with other pods in the same node) 3) Consolidate pods to avoid resource fragmentation

Vertical Scale pods

Figure out the right size for pod limit and request by analyzing pod usage in the history (average v.s peak), as well as the resource available from the underlying infrastructure. 1) Resize down request of a pod to avoid over-provision for the worst case 2) Resize up the limit to avoid potential OOM kill

Full-Stack control and automation

Besides OpenShift, Turbonomic supports more than 50 controller modules across the IT stack. Turbonomic aims to serve as an intelligent decision making engine to help datacenter operators to decide placement, sizing, scaling, start/stop etc. across the entire stack. Even better, most of the actions can be automated from Turbonomic directly.

Please refer to https://github.com/turbonomic/kubeturbo/ and https://turbonomic.com/ for more details.
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