CA Technologies Application Performance Management

CA Technologies Application Performance Management

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CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) is a powerful, comprehensive solution that helps you optimize the performance of your applications to deliver a superior end user experience.

Features and Benefits

Deep Performance Visibility

Instantly detect, discover and start monitoring your OpenShift Clusters, Projects, Services and Kubernetes pods, together with apps and microservices hosted on Docker containers - immediately they’re deployed. Visualize services in real-time using role-based views and dynamic OpenShift topology maps.

Dynamic Microservice Tracking

Gain understanding into business critical microservice interdependencies, communication and container traffic flows without time-consuming configurations or instrumentation. Go deeper with fast, fine-grained insight into app performance, transactions, latency and response times.

Analytics-Driven Insights

Use advanced analytics and machine learning to end alert fatigue, predict problems and drive better business outcomes from your OpenShift platform. Empower DevOps teams to drive improvements; analyzing containerized app performance and its impact on customer experience.

Comprehensive, Full Stack Support

Monitor OpenShift platform architectures top-to-bottom. Track OpenShift Clusters, Kubernetes Pods, Docker containers and distributed application performance, and correlate to your hybrid-cloud and network infrastructure.

Primed For
OpenShift Container Platform 3.3
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