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Instana provides the only APM solution that automatically discovers services, deploys agents and monitors component health for microservice and containerized applications.

Features and Benefits

Automatic Discovery & Mapping of your OpenShift environment

With containers, the only constant is change. Instana automatically discovers every application component and maps the interactions & dependencies between them. The map is continuously updated with dependency and service quality information as changes occur.

Low Effort & Overhead Instrumentation

Deployment is easy and fast. Using Kubernetes, simply deploy the Instana Agent as a container into each host. We take care of the rest! Instana begins monitoring with zero configuration, and the Agents automatically update themselves and never force app server restarts. And Instana’s Agent has the lowest overhead in the industry.

Realtime 1-Second Data and Full Stack Tracing of Every Request

Microservices and containers are short-lived and dynamic. With Instana even short spikes can be seen, allowing operators to understand whether a code rollout caused an issue. Also, Instana collects the fully distributed trace of every request enabling developers to analyze highly distributed, constantly changing applications.

Apply Artificial Intelligence to Performance Management

As element counts grow into the hundreds or thousands, humans cannot practically manage application performance on their own. Instana automatically determines which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to collect, when measurements indicate service incidents, and determines the likely root cause of problems – all without human interaction.

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