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Nuxeo makes your content accessible to your entire organization while also keeping it safe. Better yet: we do it without interrupting your existing work processes. Empower your employees with ready access to the content they need, when and where they need it.

Features and Benefits

A Future-Proof Investment

As technology changes, our unique, modular architecture allows you to keep up without costly upgrades or migrations.

Open Kitchen

Quality comes first. As a true, open-source technology, our code is right there, ready for inspection.


As a micro-services-based solution, we’re designed to integrate. Every new feature, every innovation begins in our API.

Comprehensive Metadata Model

Nuxeo’s schemaless design powers the most complete, flexible metadata model on the market today.

We’re focused on creating the world’s most flexible, scalable content services platform. We help our customers build applications that take advantage of the latest technologies and content methodologies. To achieve this, we built a platform and intuitive tools to make it easy for you to quickly build the applications you need to solve even your most complex content challenges. Work will move faster and teams stay better connected. That’s good for you, and it’s good for your bottom line
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