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Capgemini SE is a French multinational professional services and business consulting corporation headquartered in Paris, France. Devonfw is the standard development platform. The

Features and Benefits

Standard Development Platform

Devonfw provides a complete development platform consisting of an Open Source based set of frameworks to implement multi-channel RIA applications for Mobile, Web and Desktop Interfaces

Accelerated Sofftware development

A tool chain to facilitate accelerated software development of mobile and Cloud solutions (on any major provider) in a standard, decoupled and seamless way

Openshift based CD/CD platform

Devonfw provides an integrated, DevOps toolchain based on OpenShift with CI/CD and provisioning, designed for high availability, scalability and performance

More than a "framework"

Architectural blueprints, guidelines, templates and proven industry patterns to facilitate the design of complex solutions for the IoT and microservice/SOA principles (based on OpenShift, among others)

devonfw is the standard development platform for Capgemini Europe and India. It provides a standardized architecture blueprint for Java, JavaScript and .NET applications, an open best-of-breed technology stack as well as industry proven best practices and code conventions. In 2018 devonfw will integrate officially with the Open Application Standard Platform (OASP) but current versions have already merged. See the devonfw website and the OASP website (this is the future devonfw website !) on how to get started.
Primed For
OpenShift Origin 1.3
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