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StorageOS is a software solution that delivers application-centric and platform agnostic storage for containers and clouds. It transforms commodity server or cloud based storage into enterprise-class storage to run persistent workloads in containers.

Features and Benefits

Persistent Storage for Databases and Stateful Applications

Run high-performance databases on OpenShift with StorageOS. Designed for stateful applications, StorageOS delivers deterministic performance for complex distributed environments and efficient scalability using minimal compute resources.

Replication for High Availability and Rapid Recovery

Quickly recover applications and databases with StorageOS. Volumes are accessible across the entire cluster providing high availability, durability and consistency of application data.

Platform Agnostic Storage for Containers

StorageOS runs anywhere without proprietary dependencies that lock an application to a particular platform or cloud provider. StorageOS scales out in a distributed topology and scale up based on application requirements.

Orchestrated Storage with Native Kubernetes Integration

StorageOS is application-centric ensuring storage is presented to and consumed by application as it moves between platforms and cloud. Storage resources are declared and composed just like all other resources required by applications and services, allowing storage resources and services to be deployed and provisioned as part of application instantiation through orchestrators.

StorageOS can be used as a storage provider for your OpenShift cluster. StorageOS runs as a container within your OpenShift environment, making local storage accessible from any node within the OpenShift cluster. Data can be replicated to protect against node failure. At its core, StorageOS provides block storage. You may choose the filesystem type to install to make devices usable from within containers. Documentation for StorageOS for an Openshift Cluster is available here:
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