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With the Flex-volume plugin for DRBD. You can easily deploy containers utilizing a DRBD device for their persistent storage. This ensures that the critical data of these containers is redundant, resilient, and kept safe via LINBIT's DRBD software.

Features and Benefits

Quickly and Easily Attach DRBD Backed Persistent Storage to Your Containers

DRBD is used to create SDS clusters. By leveraging the Kubernetes Flex Volume Plugin for DRBD, and the DRBD Flex Provisioner plugin, you can natively create and attach DRBD resources in your OpenShift environment; allowing replicated storage underneath your containerized environment, without using proprietary hardware.

Scalable Replication

DRBD replicates your data to any number of specified peer servers. With DRBDManage, adding more replicas and storage is as easy as simply adding new nodes.

Hardware Failure Protection

DRBD attaches to all the Kubelets and storage nodes. As DRBD replicates in a fully synchronous manner, this ensures the critical data stored in your OpenShift systems and containers will be accessible in the event of hardware outages.

Disaster Recovery Replication

DRBD may also replicate asynchronously. When paired with LINBIT’s DR software, it allows you to replicate to a storage node over long distances,. Minimizing downtime and data loss due to an entire site failure.

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