Pure Storage Inc.

Pure Storage Inc.

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Pure Storage was founded with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing the computing infrastructure industry. Today we are building the data platform for the cloud era and we’ve accomplished the first step towards that goal by bringing to market the simplest and most reliable all-flash storage array in history.

Features and Benefits

FlexVolume Driver support for Pure Storage FlashArray and FlashBlade

Provides storage classes and provisioning automation for Pure Storage Arrays. Maintains host connectivity and provides the core connectivity to drive enterprise-grade workloads in a Kubernetes-based environment.

Pure Storage FlashArray

The Pure Storage FlashArray family delivers software-defined all-flash power and reliability for every need and every budget, from the entry-level FlashArray//M10 to the new FlashArray//X – the first mainstream, 100% NVMe, enterprise-class all-flash array. The rich data services and effortless operations of FlashArray will make your enterprise storage something you simply don’t worry about anymore.

Pure Storage FlashBlade

FlashBlade is the industry’s first all-flash storage purpose-built for modern analytics – architected from the ground-up to deliver a powerful cloud-era data platform that’s fast, big, and simple.

OpenShift PaaS on Pure Storage

Red Hat OpenShift PaaS allows organizations to deploy cloud services on-premises, as an alternative to outsourcing to public cloud providers. This document describes the requirements and provides a practical guide and scripts for deploying Red Hat OpenShift on Pure Storage.

Kubernetes flexVolume driver and dynamic provisioner for Pure Storage FlashArrays https://hub.docker.com/r/purestorage/k8s/
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