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NEC uses OpenShift platform in its NEC Cloud services "NEC Cloud IaaS" and offers an environment in which containers can be used with ease. Furthermore, with deployment of container-based development platform " SystemDirector Enterprise for DevOps " to provision a DevOps environment, it is working towards efficient development.

Features and Benefits

A DevOps environment with OpenShift as the platform

With "SystemDirector Enterprise for DevOps", NEC provides a DevOps environment that operates on OpenShift containers to support micro services application development or a smooth CI/CD implementation.

Cloud services with OpenShift as the platform

In order to provide a PaaS environment suiting to the customer requirements, NEC is using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform in NEC Cloud IaaS to offer the service.

Support for various commercial products and OSS beginning with OpenShift

In addition to the support for OpenShift product itself, NEC also provides support for various OSS and commercial products that function in OpenShift containers.

OpenShift Services

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