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Honeycomb, a multi ­tenant and customizable IoT API platform is the first known use of OpenShift as an IoT platform. Honeycomb is architected to collect sensor data and translate that into visibility information, predict disruptions by using machine learning and recognize patterns to improve our customer’s operational excellence. When we think of an IoT platform, we think in terms of clean, composable, and robust APIs, alongside solving different business use­ cases. Powered by Honeycomb, and leveraging T-Systems’ worldwide infrastructure, over 100 enterprise customers rely on our smart logistics application to monitor their shipments in transit. We are now opening up Honeycomb for developers to build other powerful IoT applications, from smart buildings to smart cities and everything in between.

Features and Benefits

Out-of-The-Box IoT Application Management

Simplify and reduce the time for developers to build their IoT applications through clean device-agnostic APIs on our platform. Provision to administer and manage IoT pipelines via console to enable the life cycle of application, associated rules/alerts, and data reports/intelligence.

APIs for Sensor Device and Data Management

Device configuration and management through vendor agnostic API abstractions. It also allows management of raw time series data, transformations, and encoding/decoding to different standards.

APIs for Rules, Analytics, and Integration

Rules Engine API facilitates interaction between things and various processes while enabling response to events in real time, chaining of rules and its influences. The analytics API drives the learning from sensor events converting it to predictive and actionable intelligence upon business use-cases. Easy external integration to varied enterprise systems such as ERP, WMS, MES.

AppAgile/OpenShift driven infrastructure

AppAgile is a modular platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering owned by T-Systems' Digital Division that provides OpenShift for enterprise readiness. Powered by AppAgile and built on top of Docker containers and the Kubernetes cluster manager, Honeycomb offers deploy to operate tools to enable rapid application development, easy deployment, scaling and long term lifecycle maintenance for applications of all sizes.

Honeycomb is a robust, stateless and scalable IoT API platform that empowers developers and business owners to accelerate and simplify IoT adoption. The APIs provide device interoperability, IoT data management, event handling, rules development and application integration in a toolkit. It provides developers with built-in cloud deployment machinery designed to simplify, automate, and eliminate the steps associated with setting up the foundation for your application. With composable, and complete APIs, our clean interfaces and abstractions can handle any IoT application needs – from device registry and message delivery to analytics and everything in between.
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