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NGINX is the heart of the modern web – helping the world’s most innovative companies deliver their sites and applications with performance, reliability, security, and scale. The company offers an award-winning, comprehensive application delivery platform in use on more than 160 million sites worldwide. NGINX Plus offers powerful capabilities for managing the traffic into your OpenShift application.

Features and Benefits

Trusted central point of access to your services

The NGINX Plus reverse proxy server provides dynamic service discovery and can act as an API gateway, giving you a robust central access point to your services.

Dynamic tracking and routing of service traffic

With the service discovery features in NGINX Plus, you can dynamically get service instance information and provide a route back to the service running on OpenShift.

High-performance delivery of your OpenShift applications

NGINX Plus enables flawless delivery for container-based microservices applications through features such dynamic reconfiguration, microservices authentication, access control, microservices monitoring, and more.

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