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JFrog provides the only Universal DevOps solution that allows software to be built, managed, and released faster. JFrog Artifactory integrates with all major CI/CD tools for end-to-end automation and container management from development to production. Our new integration of JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray provides enterprise ready container management.

Features and Benefits

Engineering Insights

Engineering Insights offers visibility on application development and how it is proceeds through the pipeline. It gives insights like Commits trend by Sprint, Average Response by Commit, Average response by Sprint, Code Quality (Complexity, Violation, Coverage) by Commits and by Sprint

Ops Insights

Ops Insights gives complete visibility into operations and infrastructure. In addition, they also offered insights that can be correlated with the sprints. Some examples of Ops insights include Average response time, Average cycle time (one of the key DevOps KPI), etc.

Governance Insights

Governance Insights helps organizations handle the governance around pipeline and streamline application delivery across the pipeline. Some examples of insights include critical blockers, defect density, etc.

Cloud Native

CloudMunch platform can be deployed any Cloud Native stack supporting standard Docker based container. It is available on the cloud as well as on-premise

CloudMunch Insights Platform offers contextual and actionable insights across your entire delivery pipeline, from code repo to production environment. With the OpenShift integration, users can tap into the pipeline setup with OpenShift Platform (OpenShift 3.2 and beyond) and gain insights that are contextual and actionable. This will help them maximize their DevOps ROI by enabling the feedback loop on top of the pipeline.

To try our free cloud edition, please visit to sign up and check out the documentation on how to use Insights Platform with OpenShift. For more info on various features of Cloudmunch Platform, visit

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