3scale API Management

3scale API Management

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3scale makes it easy to open, secure, manage, distribute, control, and monetize your APIs. Built with performance, customer control and excellent time-to-value in mind, no other solution gives API providers so much power, ease, flexibility and scalability in such a cost effective way. Unlock the power of your APIs with 3scale.

Features and Benefits

API Access Control and Security

Access control is the essential first step to making sure only API calls with valid, successfully authenticated credentials are able to access your API. If you need to, you can also classify different types of users and provide a variety of business services. Application plans help you control what can be done with your API. And finally, rate limits allow you to manage and control the flow.

Rate Limits

Application plans allow you to set rate limits for API usage and control traffic flow for groups of developers. Set per-period limits for incoming API calls to protect your infrastructure and keep traffic flowing smoothly. Automatically trigger overage alerts for applications that reach or exceed rate limits, and define behavior for over-limit applications. Rate limits can be applied to paid plans, and plans can be configured to charge an additional high-volume fee for calls above and beyond the rate limit.

Developer Portals

The focal point of your developers’ experience is the API developer portal, and the level of effort you put into it will determine the level of decreased support costs and increased developer engagement. 3scale provides a built-in, state-of-the-art CMS portal, making it very easy to create your own branded hub with a custom domain to manage developer interactions and increase API adoption.


We make it easy to reap the benefits of sharing your data assets through simple in-product integrations with popular payment options like Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.net, and Ogone. Define application plans for different segments of your developer community, and automatically impose overage charges or throttle activity.

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