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Crunchy Data is the leading provider of trusted open source PostgreSQL technology, support and training. Crunchy offers Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL 9.5, the most advanced pure open source RDBMS on the market featuring container support for cloud native architectures, fine-grained security with SELinux for high security environments, and the leading open source GeoSpatial extensions.

Features and Benefits

PostgreSQL Database Container

PostgreSQL database container, offering the ability to use a custom PostgreSQL configuration, override PostgreSQL configuration settings, ability to run as a master or slave, ability to run custom SQL at initialization, ability to leverage Kubernetes Secrets for storing passwords, ability to specify a Locale.

PostgreSQL Backup and Restore

The crunchy-backup container allows for a full database backup to be made from a running database container. Any number of backups can be made. Backup data is persisted to persistent storage volumes as defined in Kubernetes/Openshift such as NFS for long-lasting retention. The crunchy-postgres container can restore a container from an existing backup using configuration settings.

Load Balancing

Load balancing PostgreSQL clients is supported by the crunchy-pgpool and crunchy-pgbouncer containers. Both containers can be configured to support PostgreSQL client connection pools. The crunchy-pgpool container can act as a single entry point to a PostgreSQL cluster.

Metrics Collection

PostgreSQL metrics are collected from database containers using the crunchy-collect container. Metrics are written to a Prometheus data store using the crunchy-prometheus container. The crunchy-grafana container is used to display custom metrics dashboards using the captured metrics stored in the Prometheus data store.

This project includes a set of Dockerfiles that lets you build, manage, and monitor the Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL Docker containers.

The containers will execute in the following environments:

  • Standalone - a pure Docker environment

  • Openshift 3.x

  • Kubernetes 1.2.X

The project includes the following containers:

  • crunchy-postgres - executes Postgres

  • crunchy-backup - performs a full database backup

  • crunchy-pgpool - executes pgpool

  • crunchy-pgbadger - executes pgbadger

  • crunchy-watch - performs a form of automated failover

  • crunchy-collect - collects Postgres metrics

  • crunchy-prometheus -stores Postgres metrics

  • crunchy-grafana - graphs Postgres metrics

  • crunchy-dns - standalone DNS server useful for standalone execution

  • crunchy-pgbouncer - pgbouncer connection pooler and simple form of failover

  • Crunchy-promgateway - push gateway for pushing metrics to Prometheus

  • Crunchy-dba - cron container for scheduling backup and vacuum jobs

  • Crunchy-vacuum - container for performing a PostgreSQL VACUUM command

Installation Instructions

Primed For
OpenShift Container Platform 3.3
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