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Contrail Networking, developed in OpenContrail, is the leading SDN automation solution for OpenStack, and now we're bringing it to OpenShift and Kubernetes. Contrail supports the whole spectrum of cloud workloads whether they're on VMware, cloud-optimized for RHEL OpenStack Platform, or cloud-native on a serverless architecture microservices stack. People love OpenContrail because it's open source yet robust, and choose OpenContrail because it's so seamlessly interoperable with other networks thanks to its choice of open standards to federate networks. Check out OpenShift + OpenContrail:

Features and Benefits


Fully automated virtual network and policy provisioning, making the network invisible to developers

Dead Easy

Developers provision network names with labels. No network plumbing degree required because the details are abstracted

Go Faster

We've removed bottlenecks for load balancing and network address translation like the Kube Proxy, because under the covers, our blazing fast vRouter already does the job at line rate on the compute nodes

Multi-tenancy & Micro-segmentation

Intrinsic security where micro-services are micro-segmented into isolated virtual networks within multi-tenant VPCs per project or namespace

Juniper Networks is in the business of network innovation. From devices to data centers, from consumers to cloud providers, Juniper Networks delivers the software, silicon and systems that transform the experience and economics of networking. The company serves customers and partners worldwide. Additional information can be found at
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