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Unison and our open source project OpenUnison are identity management platforms that can provide solutions for applications running on OpenShift and to OpenShift its self. Services include user provisioning, web access management & SSO, LDAP virtual directory and a user self service portal. Unison deploys as either a Red Hat certified container or from Dockerhub. OpenUnison can be deployed either as a J2EE webapp or via our S2I image that includes TLS configuration.

Features and Benefits

Certified on Red Hat

Unison's container has been certified by Red Hat and is available directly from their software catalog. at or by pulling directly from docker pull

Provision Access to OpenShift

No more manually adding users to project roles or creating synchronization jobs between an LDAP directory and OpenShift. Unison integrates directly with OpenShift's RESTful web services to provision access for users into groups. OpenShift groups can then be added to roles both at the project and cluster level to provide access. Create projects that identify the approver and access groups via annotations letting users request access as soon as a project is created.

User Self Service Portal

ScaleJS, Unison's open source self service portal, provides users, approvers and auditors a single location to request access, review requests and view reports. Other services include reseting one's password, registration and token retrieval. No more fielding emails asking for access to a resource. Already have a portal? ScaleJS' APIs are all documented so they can be used from anywhere.

Open Source S2I Image

OpenUnison can be deployed with our S2I image from

Red Hat Certified Image -
Dockerhub -
OpenUnison Source2Image -
Primed For
OpenShift Origin 1.3
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