Navops by Univa

Navops by Univa

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Navops Command is an advanced scheduler and policy management engine for OpenShift and Kubernetes. It replaces the Kubernetes stock scheduler and schedules workload via the Kubernetes scheduling API.

Features and Benefits

Advanced Scheduling

Includes superior scheduling algorithms and enterprise-proven policy management. Command integrates with any Kubernetes distribution.

Resource Sharing

Automatically arbitrates resource allocation and runs background work only when crucial applications are not in use.


Provides robust ACL support, automatic resource reservation and fair sharing of resources.

Best Fit

Provides rarest resource preferential placement, balances IO, memory, and CPU utilization and can spread workload to least loaded machines.

Navops Command brings sophisticated scheduling and advanced enterprise-proven policy management to container orchestration. To learn more visit
Primed For
OpenShift Container Platform 3.3
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