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Leading organizations worldwide count on NetApp for software, systems and services to manage and store their data. Customers value our teamwork, expertise and passion for helping them succeed now and into the future.

Features and Benefits

Project Trident: Dynamically Provisioning Persistent Storage for Applications

Trident is an open source storage provisioner and orchestrator for the NetApp portfolio, enabling applications provisioned and managed by OpenShift to consume storage resources on demand. With Trident, create and delete storage objects, such as iSCSI LUNs or NFS exports, using a REST interface or via the Kubernetes dynamic storage provisioning paradigm. Also, you can configure the class of storage desired (Gold, Silver, Bronze) to be available from any specific storage array.

NetApp ONTAP Data Management Software

ONTAP is a Scale-out, All-flash, hybrid, and SATA offering different storage capabilities in the same cluster. Multi-protocol access (NFS and iSCSI) for Native replication, data protection, and penalty-free data cloning.

NetApp SolidFire: All-Flash, Scale-Out, Shared Nothing Storage for Next Generation Applications

SolidFire provides seamless, granular, scalability to petabytes of capacity while leveraging unique Quality of Service capabilities to guarantee application storage performance. This enables a single SolidFire storage array to effortlessly provide storage to a multitude of applications without worrying about performance or capacity.

Converged Infrastructure: FlexPod with OpenShift

Leverage a pre-validated FlexPod solution from NetApp and Cisco running Red Hat OpenShift. Integrated and standardized FlexPod components let you scale up or out to meet the demands of your enterprise applications. You can plan the power, floor space, usable capacity, performance, and cost of each FlexPod deployment with accuracy. FlexPod Cooperative Support simplifies and streamlines support for your FlexPod solutions

NetApp is a leader in bringing persistent storage technology to the container ecosystem. With our broad portfolio of storage platforms and Project Trident, NetApp's open source Kubernetes integration, we make it easier for our customers to containerize a wide variety of enterprise applications to be managed by Red Hat OpenShift.
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