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CoScale provides full-stack performance monitoring, optimized for web-scale and containerized production environments. Powered by anomaly detection, CoScale simplifies monitoring and troubleshooting, and lets you act faster on performance problems.

Features and Benefits

Container and microservices visibility for OpenShift

CoScale provides service-oriented visibility in your OpenShift container usage. Monitor container performance and lifecycle events for your microservices, and understand which containers are impacted when a particular service starts degrading.

Full stack in-container monitoring

Gain detailed insight into application-specific metrics of the services that are running inside your containers. CoScale will auto-detect containers and known services (such as NGNIX, Redis, MySQL, and many others) and gather detailed application metrics from your containers, using just a single lightweight agent per host.

Automatic anomaly detection

Managing static alerts can be challenging, because of the large number and dynamic nature of containers, each running different services. CoScale's anomaly detection automatically detects abnormal behavior of container, application, and user metrics, helping you detect and solve performance problems faster.

Lightweight monitoring for production

Containers are lightweight constructs, so you also want monitoring to be lightweight and adapted to production environments with many containers per host. CoScale runs one lightweight agent per host, with minimal overhead and no external dependencies. This makes it ideally suited for monitoring containerized environments.

Docker monitoring for OpenShift
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OpenShift Container Platform 3.3
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