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Black Duck automates security and management of open source software, eliminating the pain related to security vulnerabilities, open source license compliance & operational risk.

Features and Benefits

Integrated Registry Container Image Scanning

Scans images contained in the OpenShift integrated registry to provide security vulnerability visibility for 3rd party open source components.

Image Stream Scanning

When image events occur, Black Duck is integrated in the Image Streams to scan images and provide security vulnerability visibility for 3rd party open source components.

OpenShift Container Build Scanning

Black Duck is also integrated at the container build process via our Jenkins integration.

Enhanced Vulnerability Data

Black Duck provides vulnerability data above and beyond the National Vulnerability Database. Black Duck's Enhanced Vulnerability Data provides 60,000 more vulnerabilities, faster publish times (24-48 hours), and more meta data, like recommend solutions.

Black Duck and Red Hat have established a secure method for containerized application delivery. Together they will provide visibility into and control over known open source vulnerabilities inside containers. Black Duck Hub integrates with OpenShift Container Platform to provide proactive monitoring of all container images in an OpenShift cluster. Use of Black Duck’s vulnerability mapping and risk assessment with OpenShift Container Platform allows enterprises and ISVs to deploy containers with confidence. For further information, or to see a demo, visit
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