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Fujitsu provides Java EE certified Interstage Application Server. It is a high-reliability/high-performance application server which adapts quickly to changes in business environments. Fujitsu also provides NetCOBOL which is an open platform COBOL development environment. It takes advantage of the rich features of the COBOL and is ready for the latest technology and a state-of-the-art environment.

Features and Benefits

Stable Business Operation

Fujitsu has developed high-integrity, high-performance technology to build mission-critical systems that provide stable operation for business with Interstage Application Server.

Load Reduction for Operation Management

Interstage Application Server offers simple and intuitive operation management, from installation to application monitoring, and maintenance of the business application, delivering reduced operating costs.

Long Term Use of Resources

Continued use of existing versions of an application is also possible in the latest version. Modification of the application is unnecessary because of the version upgrade, so application resources are guaranteed over a long period of time.

Enhancing the value of Business-Critical and Mission-Critical Systems

The range of application of key system can be expanded and developed by linking with the latest technologies by NetCOBOL.

Interstage Application Server combines leading-edge technology with Fujitsu's proven expertise in the construction of reliable, scalable, and secure mission-critical systems. The Application Server provides support for complex e-business deployments such as distributed multi-channel component-based applications, composite integrated systems, and Web Services. NetCOBOL enables COBOL applications to interoperate with modern programming languages enables the creation of a flexible, future-proof enterprise system.
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