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Diamanti solves the most challenging networking and storage requirements that organizations face when moving containerized workloads from development into production. The Diamanti appliance plugs into existing environments and delivers guaranteed performance and 10X improvements in I/O throughput and latency, allowing developers and operators to predictably deploy, scale, and manage containers without time-­consuming customization.

Features and Benefits

Optimized container lifecycle

Across development, staging, and production, deploy network and storage infrastructure along with the application stack. This solution combines Red Hat’s developer platform with Diamanti’s turnkey converged infrastructure for containers.

Rapid application deployment

Speed time-to-market by deploying and scaling data-intensive applications in seconds. Increase development efficiency by defining and enforcing infrastructure requirements linked to the application. Minimize operations overhead with automated, consistent application and infrastructure deployment.

Guaranteed performance

Ensure that each application receives the network and storage performance it requires without customization or tuning. Isolate workloads to prevent “noisy neighbor” performance degradation.

Open-source, declarative model for network and storage

Define network and storage requirements within the OpenShift/Kubernetes pod definiton file using open-source APis.

Interconnect containers with existing networks

Diamanti lets users create networks with a single command line operation, assign each a unique VLAN and IP address ranges, and connect those networks to an existing 10 Gb Ethernet fabric. Users deploy containers with virtual interfaces to one or more networks. Network throughput to each container is guaranteed with user-defined performance tiers. Multiple containers may share a single performance tier. New tiers may be created for specific applications and functions.

Deliver persistent storage for containers with guaranteed performance

Diamanti lets users create virtual block storage volumes with a single command line operation. The volume is virtualized from a pool of physical flash storage resources distributed across the Diamanti cluster. Users deploy containers with one or more storage volumes, each presented to the container as a standard block device. Diamanti guarantees the throughput of all read/write requests to each volume, regardless of where in the cluster it is located.

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