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NeuVector is a network security container which protects running docker containers. Install/run the NeuVector allinone and enforcer container on hosts using Openshift. We provide sample configuration files. Use the NeuVector console or CLI to manage NeuVector containers.

Features and Benefits

Zero-Configuration Container Network Security

NeuVector uses behavioral learning to discover containers and the application behavior, then automatically creates a whitelist based policy to isolation, segment and protect applications.

True network based L7 application distributed firewall for containers

NeuVector inspects all network traffic and has built in application layer filtering to protect container based applications. Connections which violated the policy can generate alerts or can be blocked.

Scan containers and hosts for vulnerabilities

Scan running containers and the hosts they run on for vulnerabilities, and detect privilege escalations which result in container or host break outs.

Detect application attacks on containers

NeuVector detects attacks such as DDoS and DNS attacks on any container in your infrastructure.

The NeuVector solution is a container itself and supports all deployment platforms for Docker containers. It is deployed on each host on greenfield or brownfield (running) applications and instantly discovers containers and the application behavior. Protection includes violation detection and blocking, threat and vulnerability detection, and privilege escalation monitoring for hosts and containers.
Primed For
OpenShift Container Platform 3.1
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