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Dynatrace is an all-in-one, zero-configuration monitoring solution designed by & for cloud natives. It provides full insights into the hosts and applications you deploy with OpenShift. Dynatrace is powered by artificial intelligence which identifies performance problems and pinpoints their root causes in seconds.

Features and Benefits

Gain visibility into your OpenShift application container platform

Out of the box, Dynatrace provides full monitoring insights into the hosts and applications you deploy with OpenShift, including auto-detection of dependencies between containerized applications; root cause analysis and application availability and performance monitoring.

Discover service dependencies and streamline container co-location

Dynatrace identifies related containers and automatically visualizes in an interactive topology map all dependencies throughout your entire application environment.

Understand the cause of failing microservices

Dynatrace tells you where and why highly distributed applications break down. It auto-detects problems for you and provides detailed root cause analysis so you can focus on fixing problems efficiently.

Full stack monitoring

Dynatrace provides full stack monitoring of web applications down to the method level across all layers: applications, services, containers, processes, hosts, datacenters including the networks over which those communicate.

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