Learn More is the only multi-cloud Serverless computing platform on the marketplace, meant for powering independent functions as a service at scale. Simply write jobs in any language as Docker images and trigger for execution when events occur within your application, in the real world, or on a schedule.

Features and Benefits

Event-driven computing patterns

Break away from the traditional request/response model to build reactive applications that are able to automatically respond to dynamic environments. allows developers to set workload triggers from webhooks, schedules, pub/sub, queues, or API endpoints.

End-to-end lifecycle management

Serverless jobs follow a different lifecycle than traditional app-centric workloads, and require a system that can manage their behavior. is backed by a high performance message queue, enabling asynchronous workflows to be covered end-to-end.

Less operational overhead

Intelligent, automated systems remove many of the complexities of operating distributed systems at scale. The platform exposes an easy to use API and interface, while abstracting away the underlying operations.

Proven in production

Abstracting the underlying operations requires higher levels of confidence when running in production. The platform is battle tested, with thousands of developers and hundreds of customers confidently running in production. for OpenShift is currently in invite-only beta. Contact Us to sign up and get started.
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OpenShift Container Platform 3.3
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