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Signal Sciences

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Signal Sciences gives you the insights you need to prioritize your security resources to address attacks as they occur. With greater visibility and awareness, you can make informed decisions and confidently run your web applications. Signal Sciences is modern web application security.

Features and Benefits

Real Time Attack Telemetry

Reduce Time to Detect and Time to React to application layer attacks down to seconds/minutes.

Custom Detections

Expand coverage of attack vectors to include non-traditional web attacks, like brute force attempts on authentication, account creation, or other sensitive pieces of business logic.

Intelligent Blocking

Impose tangible cost on attackers, automatically, without disrupting legitimate traffic.

Cloud-based Dashboards & Click-to-enable Integrations

Empower engineers to own the security of their code in production by making production security data 'self-serve’.

Security visibility - The real power comes from gaining insights from anomalies and attack chains in real time, responding quickly and being able to use this knowledge to shut down attacks before they happen.

Blocking that won't break your app - Anomaly data is aggregated in our backend and informs hyper reliable decisions. The result: If a request is blocked, there is a solid reason why.

Greater visibility and transparency helps you shut down attackers as they act. And that’s just the beginning. Signal Sciences is powerful, scalable and configures in a matter of minutes. Built for and trusted by some of the most forward-thinking organizations in the world.

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