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Signal Sciences protects the web presence of the world’s leading brands. With its patented approach to WAF and RASP, Signal Sciences helps companies defend their journey to the cloud and DevOps with a practical and proven approach, built by one of the first teams to experience the shift. Based in Culver City, California, Signal Sciences customers include Under Armour, Etsy, Adobe, Datadog, WeWork and more.

Features and Benefits

Effective Blocking

95% of Signal Sciences customers deploy in blocking mode in production for all attack classes, including OWASP Top 10.

Advanced Signals

Expand coverage of attack vectors to include non-traditional web attacks, like brute force attempts on authentication, account creation, or other sensitive pieces of business logic.

DevOps Toolchain Integrations

Enable one-click integrations into the DevOps toolchain products most widely used (Slack, PagerDuty, Datadog, Jira, etc) to promote broader security ownership.

SOC/SIEM Visibility

Fully documented APIs allow SOC teams to ingest data to correlate with other logs and data streams for advanced correlations and faster remediation times.

Security visibility - Gain insights from seeing anomalies and attack chains in real time to respond quickly.

Greater visibility and transparency helps you shut down attackers as they act. And that’s just the beginning. Signal Sciences is powerful, scalable and configures in a matter of minutes. Built for and trusted by some of the most forward-thinking organizations in the world.

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