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Electric Cloud provides a powerful DevOps Release Automation solution - ElectricFlow for orchestrating the end-to-end software delivery pipelines for enterprises across every industry vertical. ElectricFlow allows you to seamlessly manage and coordinate releases with a mix of monolithic and microservices-based applications across container environments such as RedHat OpenShift, Google Container Engine, Amazon EC2 Container Service, and more.

Features and Benefits

Microservices and Container Orchestration

Build, deploy and track microservices releases across any container runtime environment at the touch of a button. ElectricFlow allows you to seamlessly coordinate and manage a mix of monolithic and microservices-based application releases in both on-premises and cloud environments.

Pipeline and Release Coordination

Use ElectricFlow to orchestrate your end-to-end software release processes from code check-in to production. Govern and track approvals and promotions for your application pipelines and releases.

Better visibility across releases and pipelines

Gain a bird’s eye view of release status, milestone dates, dependencies, pending approvals, test results, progress, environments and teams involved. The dashboards in ElectricFlow provide insights into your deployment and release activities over time allowing you to identify hot-spots that need action, and find opportunities for further improvement.

Advanced Deployment Strategies

ElectricFlow provides out of the box support for Rolling, Blue/Green, and Canary deployments to enable zero downtime. Support for automated rollbacks through environment inventory and tracking processes and artifact versions as part of each deployment eliminates the need to create complex rollback scripts.

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