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OpenShift Backup Server is a simple web application that allows you to create and manage backups of your other OpenShift applications - either as a one-time event or on a regular schedule.


  • Schedule backups to run daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Automatic backup when a gear is stopped
  • Download/Restore snapshots with the click of a button

Installation and Usage

The Bronze or Silver plan is recommended to prevent application idling. If the application goes idle, then the scheduled backups will no longer run. With the Bronze and Silver plans your applications never idle due to inactivity. Bronze and Silver will also allow you to add extra storage.

Step 1

Start by deploying this QuickStart to create your backup server.

Make note of the username/password it gives you. You will need this to log into the site.

Step 2

Add the client cartridge to the applications you want to manage:

rhc cartridge add -a <application to backup> -c

Managed applications must be in the same domain/namespace as the master backup server.

Step 3

Log-in to your backup server created in step 1 and manage your backups!

After you log in you will see a basic account stats page that includes disk space used, and a graph of backups per application.

If you click on gear list on the top bar you will see a list of all your applications that have the client cartridge attached to them. Click 'manage' next to an application to see backups that you have for that application. From this screen you can initiate a once off backup, schedule backups, download previous backups, and delete previous backups.

Planned Features for version 2.0

  • S3/Glacier archive support
  • Named backups
  • API Documentation (Though this will be more like version 1.1)
  • More details in the account stats page

Finally, note that scaled gears are untested. In theory they should just work.

If you find any bugs please file them here: Github Issues

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