OpenMEAP Partner Java


This git repository helps you get up and running quickly with an OpenMEAP installation on JBoss EWS 2.0 (Tomcat 7) using OpenShift.

Once you've created the quickstart, you'll need to add your authorization information to your Git repository. Making code changes will require you to set a public SSH key, and then to clone your new application Git repository onto your local machine. See the Getting Started page for more steps in this flow.

Step 1. Get Your Application UUID

  1. Get your application uuid by going to the OpenShift Management Console and select the app name to copy the UUID or run this command: rhc app show $appname | grep -i uuid
  2. Go to the administrative interface of the OpenMEAP instance: https://$appname-$
  3. Log in using the default credentials (userid/password): openshift/openmeap
  4. From the Main Menu, navigate to Settings.
  5. Under Global Settings & Preferences and Cluster Nodes set the following values:
     External Service URL: https://$appname-$
     File-system Storage Path Prefix: /var/lib/openshift/<application-uuid>/app-root/data
     Admin Server Accessible Service Url Prefix: https://$appname-$
     File-system Storage Path Prefix: /var/lib/openshift/<application-uuid>/app-root/data

Step 2. Build Your Mobile Clients!

Use: openmeap.slic.appMgmtServiceUrl=https://$appname-$

More Information

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