PencilBlue Community JavaScript


The full featured Node.js CMS you've been waiting for

It's open source
Developers want to assist in the expansion of web software and have the freedom to host it on whatever server architecture they prefer. By releasing the source code of PencilBlue to the public, we're allowing for the type of community collaboration that turns a great platform into a game changer.
It's totally extendable
PencilBlue was designed, from the ground up, to utilize a plugin system that can modify and extend even the platform's core functionality. A PencilBlue installation can be geared towards anyone's individual needs without having to navigate a minefield of static prerequisites, as it is with other platforms.
It's 100% scaleable
PencilBlue is built on Node.js and abstracts its data providers and services, so developers can use the system of their choice. By including MongoDB and Redis, out of the box, a default PencilBlue installation can easily be hosted anywhere, including the latest, scaling cloud systems.
It's fully responsive
More and more web traffic is coming from a wide array of mobile and touch devices and PencilBlue is ready to handle all of them, out of the box. With built in support for Bootstrap, AngularJS, and jQueryUI, developers who use PencilBlue are no longer burdened by the need to retrofit a platform with modern libraries, and can get straight to building websites.
It's easy to use
At some point, most websites have to be managed by someone who isn't a software engineer. The PencilBlue interface is an easy to understand, touch friendly, drag and drop experience. Developers who use PencilBlue won't get bogged down on tech support, allowing them to spend more time focusing on the tasks they enjoy.
It's not just for blogs
PencilBlue was designed, first and foremost, for the creation of world class, content driven websites for businesses and publications. With built in tools for SEO and relational data management, we make it easy to get your organization's website up and running with the features you need.
nodejs-0.10, mongodb-2.4