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Grav is a Fast, Simple, and Flexible, file-based Web-platform. It follows similar principles to other flat-file CMS platforms, but has a different design philosophy than most. Grav comes with a powerful Package Management System to allow for simple installation and upgrading of plugins and themes, as well as simple updating of Grav itself.
For default username and password. Read the documentation for getting started with grav on openshift:

More about grav:

There are so many features and functionality to describe that we were forced to create a whole page just to outline them all! Browse this page to get a better understanding of all the amazing things Grav can do for you.

  • Flat-File Architecture

    Grav is fast and flexible thanks in part to the highly optimized flat-file architecture.

  • Smart caching

    The system uses sophisticated caching throughout and knows when to update the cache automatically.

  • Instant Install

    Unzip to install. Grav runs out-of-the-box. Zero configuration is required.

  • CLI Tools

    Command line tools such as dependency installation, cache clearing, user creation, and backups!

  • Package Manager

    Our command line GPM system allows you to find, install, and easily update extensions for Grav

  • Extensive Documentation

    Documentation is not an afterthought! Grav has a dedicated documentation site plus loads of tutorials and guides.

  • Awesome Technology

    Grav employs best-in-class technologies such as Twig, Markdown, YAML, Symfony components, and Doctrine Caching.

  • Powerful Configuration Overrides

    Powerful YAML-based configuration with environment-based overrides allow the ultimate in configuration flexibility.

  • Multi-Site Capabilities

    You can configure a single Grav to run multiple sites, as well as other advanced setups.

  • SEO Friendly

    Human-readable URLs along with site-wide and per-page metadata provide fantastic SEO capabilities.

  • Routing and Redirection

    Powerful site-wide and per-page routing and redirection capabilities provide improved usability and SEO flexibility.

  • Users and Roles

    Easily create users and roles and set permissions to restrict access to any page.

  • Simple Backups / Restore

    Being file based means backing up and restoring your data is trivial, and we even provide CLI tools to do it!

  • Minimal Requirements

    Grav has minimal requirements and runs on PHP 5.4 and greater, including 99% of web servers, out-of-the-box

  • Debugging and Logging

    A powerful visual debug panel helps the development process by providing vital information in a clear way.


  • HTML or Markdown Content

    Grav natively support Markdown content, but you can use plain HTML or even a mix if you wish.

  • Multi-Language Support

    Use your own native language, or support multiple different languages with ease.

  • Modular Pages

    Modular pages allow you to create a single page built from other 'modular' pages.

  • Custom Fields

    YAML-based page headers allow you easily add custom dynamic fields to your content.

  • Flexible Taxonomies

    Built-in support for customizable taxonomies such as tags or categories to help organize your content.

  • Version Control & Sync support

    Use GIT, SVN, Dropbox, and other services to version and synchronize your data with ease.

  • Built-in Media Types

    Grav natively understands and supports a variety of image, video, sound, and file formats.

  • Image Media Processing

    Dynamic image manipulation to resize, crop, resample, effects and caching

  • Automatic Page Link Handling

    Grav automatically handles a variety of approaches to easily create links between pages.

  • Automatic Page Image Handling

    You can easily reference any image within the content structure, and even use media processing.

  • Native Retina/HiDPI Image Support

    The only CMS with native support for properly displaying images on Retina and HiDPI.


  • No Design Restrictions

    You don't have to feel trapped by your CMS, Grav imposes no limits on your creativity.

  • Twig Templating Language

    Twig templating is best-in-class and provides powerful features along with great performance.

  • Theme Inheritance

    You can extend another theme and only modify the bits you need, allowing for easier updates.

  • Asset Manager

    A built-in Asset Manager allows powerful control over CSS and JS including compression and pipelining.

  • Access to Plugin Event Hooks

    Themes provide full access to the abundant plugin event hooks allowing themes to have full control over Grav.

  • Extra Twig Filters & Functions

    Take advantage of useful filters and functions bundled with Grav that expand the power of Twig.

  • Use any CSS Framework

    You can use any third party CSS framework such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure, etc.


  • Extensive Plugins Available

    Grav already has a tonne of open source plugins available to extend the core functionality.

  • Tonnes of Plugin Event Hooks

    Plugins have full control over Grav with an extensive plugin event hook architecture.

  • Simple to Write

    The plugin system, although powerful, is still simple, so writing your own plugins is a doddle.

  • Extensible by Design

    Grav was written to be small and fast, but plugins allow you to extend the functionality as needed.

Admin Panel

  • Optional but Useful

    You don't need to use the admin panel, but it provides a great way for your users or authors to interact with Grav.

  • Simple Interface

    A simple and intuitive interface allows even non-technical people to create content and manage key aspects of Grav.

  • Extensible

    Define custom page structures with YAML blueprints, and you can even create plugins to extend the admin panel.

  • All the Features you Need

    Because Grav is a flat-file CMS, you don't need the admin, so the admin panel only provides the features you need.

  • Responsive

    You can take advantage of the admin panel on a variety of devices, not just your desktop computer.

  • One-Click Installs and Updates

    The admin panel allow for easy installation of plugins and themes as well as easy one-click updates.

  • Meaningful Statistics

    Get a quick snapshot of how your site is doing with built-in usage statistics chart in the dashboard.