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HTMLy is an open source Databaseless Blogging Platform or Flat-File Blog prioritizes simplicity and speed written in PHP. HTMLy can be referred to as Flat-File CMS either since it will also manage your content.

HTMLy uses a unique algorithm to find or list any content based on date, category, tag, or author, and the performance will remain fast even if we have thousands of posts and hundreds of tags.

As a flat-file blog or flat-file CMS, HTMLy designed to run smoothly despite using minimal server specs. With 512MB of RAM or even less, it should can handle more than 10K posts without any issues.

Running HTMLy on OpenShift

After deploying HTMLy you will need to visit to complete the setup.

  1. This quickstart will creating installer.php and setup the environment inside $OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR and $OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR.

  2. HTMLy have a cloud update feature and fetch the sources from Github repo, so no need to update the app using git but simply visiting the HTMLy update page and if a newer version available you just need to follow the update link.

  3. If you need to add or modify the theme or creating new user you must use FTP instead of git. Docs: Using FileZilla and SFTP on Windows with OpenShift

  4. All files are saved inside $OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR/www and the $OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR is just a placeholder that contains the www symlink to HTMLy installation directory.