Ghost 0.7.5

Ghost 0.7.5 Reviewed JavaScript


Ghost is a free, open, simple blogging platform that is available to anyone who wants to use it.

Running Ghost on OpenShift

After deploying Ghost you will need to visit to complete the setup.

Note these OpenShift specific changes:

  1. The content/data and content/images directories have been removed. They are created on the server and symlinked to your $OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR so that posts and uploaded images will persist across 'git pushes'

  2. Even though the Node.js cartridge itself is scalable, this application will not play nice with scaling right now because the images are stored on disk, and since OpenShift does not currently support shared physical disk storage across scaled gears, this cartridge will not scale. We are working on a solution for this.

  3. This quickstart is setup to use MySQL (5.1 or 5.5) or PostgreSQL (8.4 or 9.2). Once you click the Deploy link on the OpenShift Hub, you can choose which database you would like to use.

  4. If you use a custom domain, modify the production url field in the config.js file.

nodejs-0.10, mysql-5.5|postgresql-9.2