AeroGear Push 1.x Quickstart

AeroGear Push 1.x Quickstart Reviewed Java


Note: This cartridge must be installed on medium or large gears.

The AeroGear UnifiedPush Server allows for sending native push messages to different mobile operation systems. This community version of the server supports Apple's Push Notification Service(APNs), Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), Windows Push and Mozilla's SimplePush.

It has a built in administrative console that makes it easy for developers of any type to create and manage push related aspects of their applications. This means whether you are developing native mobile applications, hybrid applications such as with Apache Cordova, or mobile/desktop web applications, the AeroGear Push server can make push messaging easier.

As part of the cartridge there is also an implementation of Mozilla's SimplePush server which allows for push notification to Firefox OS, as well as traditional browsers using our JavaScript libraries.

The accompanying links and documentation contain everything you need to get started including client SDKs, sender API, admin console guide, examples, and more.

Please contact the AeroGear community with any feedback, requests, or contributions for this open source push service at

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