Apache DayTrader

Apache DayTrader Community Java


What is it?

The Apache DayTrader application is a J2EE performance benchmarking application that was originally developed by IBM and subsequently donated to Apache. It is built using a core set of J2EE technologies and is intended to test the performance of the application in several areas that are critical for most Java enterprise applications.

This QuickStart uses a fork of the Apache DayTrader code that has been modified to run on the JBoss EAP 6 cartridge. It also uses the Postgres database cartridge for the persistence.

Deploying from Source

  • Create a new Open Shift application with a large gear (Medium or Large gear is recommended for this application).
rhc app create -a daytrader -t jbosseap-6 -g large
  • Check and then add the necessary Postgres Cartridge Support (PostGres 9.2)
rhc cartridge add postgresql-9.2 -a daytrader
  • Point the local git repo to the DayTrader code on GitHub.
cd daytradereap
git remote add upstream -m master https://github.com/gvijayar/daytrader.git
git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
  • Push the code upstream to initiate build and deploy.
git push
jbosseap-6, postgresql-9.2