Parks on Tomcat

Parks on Tomcat Community Java


What is it?

This quickstart is a modified version of the Nodejs Parks quickstart which uses the PostGIS extension to perform spatial mapping. This Java example uses Servlets/JDBC and Google's JSON parsing libraries to implement the same functionality on a lightweight Tomcat container using the EWS cartridge.

Deploying from Source

  • Create a new Open Shift application.
rhc app create -a parks -t jbossews-2.0
  • Check and then add the necessary Postgres Cartridge Support (PostGres 9.2)
rhc cartridge add postgresql-9.2 -a parks
  • Point the local git repo to the Parks code base on GitHub.
cd parks
git remote add upstream -m master
git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
  • Push the code upstream to initiate build and deploy.
git push

Single Step Deploy

rhc app create parks jbossews-2.0 postgresql-9.2 --from-code=
jbossews-2.0, postgresql-9.2