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Ruby 1.8

Ruby 1.8 OpenShift Team Ruby

Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, general-purpose object-oriented programming language. Popular development frameworks include Ruby on Rails and Sinatra.


Spress Community PHP

Spress is a static site generator built with Symfony components. Spress allows you to create and deploy blogs, personal websites, simple corporate websites with information about your products and even landing pages for your services.


Silex Community PHP

Silex is a PHP microframework for PHP. It is built on the shoulders of Symfony2 and Pimple and also inspired by sinatra. A microframework provides the guts for building simple single-file apps.


Anahita Community PHP

Anahita Standard provides a standard installation of Anahita. It also provides an empty skeleton and some example components to help you get started in building your first Anahita app.

Pusher with Node.js

Pusher with Node.js Partner JavaScript

This git repository provides a QuickStart demonstrating how to use Pusher in a Node.js application. Once you've created the QuickStart, you'll need to create a Pusher account and add your authorization information to your Git repository.


Uptime Community JavaScript

A remote monitoring application using Node.js, MongoDB, and Twitter Bootstrap.


StatusNet Reviewed PHP

An open source software platform enabling microbloggers to interact with other communities.


Spree Community Ruby

Spree is a complete open source e-commerce solution built with Ruby on Rails. This QuickStart helps you set up a Spree based functional ecommerce store instantly!

Anchor CMS

Anchor CMS Community PHP

Anchor is a super-simple, lightweight blog system, made to let you just write.

Plone 4

Plone 4 Community Python

Plone is a free and open source content management system built on top of the Zope application server.